What is the “Wakeنp Project”?
The "Wakeنp Project" is an initiative driven by the EUK Mamie Foundation, with the desire that, through personal testimonies, the West wake up to the harsh reality of the persecution that many of our brothers and sisters are suffering in so many different ways for defending their faith in Jesus Christ.

What is its goal?
The “Wakeنp Project” seeks to spread the truth about the persecution of the Christian Faith in the world through various means of communication, social networks, and simple initiatives, giving voice to the testimony of so many souls that fight for their Faith every day, and inspiring people to live the Communion of Saints with courage and intensity, in order to sustain one another in the Mystical Body of Christ.

How did it start?
After getting to know the situation of the Church in the world and going deeper into the reality of the persecution through the different Catholic news sources (very often concealed by the media in the West), HM Television and HM Radio began to transmit its “Informative Block” and “Weekly News,” in which we shared news on an international level and news from the Holy See regarding the most relevant events in today’s world.

As Catholic Evangelizers, led by love for the Truth, we felt called to respond to the Church's needs, especially Benedict XVI's call to Christians in 2010, to defend and give voice to so many who unjustly and violently suffer for their faith in Christ.

“At present, Christians are the religious group which suffers most from persecution on account of its faith. Many Christians experience daily affronts and often live in fear because of their pursuit of truth, their faith in Jesus Christ and their heartfelt plea for respect for religious freedom.”
“…Today’s world also witnesses cases of persecution, discrimination, acts of violence and intolerance based on religion.”
“This situation is unacceptable, since it represents an insult to God and to human dignity; furthermore, it is a threat to security and peace, and an obstacle to the achievement of authentic and integral human development.”
“To deny or arbitrarily restrict this freedom is to foster a reductive vision of the human person; to eclipse the public role of religion is to create a society which is unjust, inasmuch as it fails to take account of the true nature of the human person...”
(Message for the World Day of Peace 2011, Benedict XVI)

On December 26, 2012, during the celebration of the Angelus on the feast of St. Stephen, Pope Benedict XVI called to “support” and “encourage” persecuted Christians throughout the world, a day after a recent attack made against the Church in Nigeria. “St. Stephen is a model for all those who wish to put themselves at the service of the new evangelization… We also ask that the example of fidelity to the Gospel of this protomartyr will help Christians to conquer their fears and inertias, so that they can give a reason for their hope to one who asks for it, with boldness and wisdom.” 

From EUK Mamie we felt especially called to respond in a concrete way and with greater commitment to this call. Once set to the task, Divine Providence put together what today we call the “Wakeنp Project” in different languages, with the support of volunteers who have also felt called to this mission of evangelization in a totally gratuitous and generous way, out of love for their persecuted brothers and sisters.


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How can I help?

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, up until now we have been able to continue our evangelization through the media. The needs, however, are growing and many times there are unexpected expenses due to maintenance, the purchasing of new machines, etc.

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