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You can download the testimonies of "In the Footsteps of the Nazarene" along with the pdf study guides/group discussion questions.

The videos and documents that are provided help reflect on the situation of the persecuted Christians, what they are living, how it effects our own lives, and how we can help.

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Wake Up!

Wake up! is the cry that our persecuted brothers and sisters from the East, especially from Syria and Iraq, make to the West. This video shows you the life of an authentic Christian faith, full of the cross, forgiveness, strength and hope; and, at the same time, a faith that is awake to the reality of persecution, not only in the East, but also gradually in the West.

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Sr. Maria of Guadalupe Rodrigo, SSVM

In this episode of “In the Footsteps of the Nazarene,” we present the hopeful testimony of Sr. Maria of Guadalupe Rodrigo, Argentinian of the religious family the Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE). Sr. Guadalupe has been a missionary in the Middle East for nearly 20 years. During her time in the community of Aleppo, violent conflicts, which were especially anti-Christian, broke out in Syria. In this interview, she joyfully explains the change that the Christian community experienced due to this religious persecution; from more or less lukewarm Christians, they’ve awoken to the reality of their faith and the real possibility of martyrdom. Now, in the Western world, Sr. Guadalupe longs for the joy and passion for the Gospel, which is so alive in the persecuted Church.

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Mireille Al Farah

Mireille Al Farah, a young Catholic of Syrian origin, tells us about the situation in her country. She can no longer return to Syria after having arrived in Spain as a student before the present conflict began. Mireille explains how the conflict came about and defines its various fronts with their tragic consequences. The supernatural vision of faith is what illuminates the Christians from the region in the face of the great sufferings they must confront.

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Fr. Behnam Benoka

Fr. Behnam Benoka is a young iraqi priest who was obliged to flee, together with the Christian community, from Mosul to Kurdistan before the Islamic State's invasion.He gives a brief review of Iraq's religious history to later pass on to the chronicle of events that obliged the Christians to leave their houses in search of refuge and help toward Kurdistan, a trip full of dangers and shortcomings which many did not survive.Fr. Benoka highlights how the Christians, in the midst of all of these sufferings and privations, live the Faith intensely, sustained by prayer and the sacramental life, which constitute for them an absolute priority, beyond material necessities and human securities.

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His Excellency John Cardinal Onaiyekan

"In the Footsteps of the Nazarene" H.M. Television presents the testimony of H.E. John Cardinal Onaiyekan, Archbishop of Abuja (Nigeria). Nigeria lives Christianity under the shadow of the Cross and the joy of the Resurrection. Find out about what our brothers and sisters in Africa really live and discover how each one of them is full of joy despite living in a country where terrorism is wiping out the Christian population. This terrorism brings about a faith that is more alive and coherent.

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His Excellency Amel Shimoun Nona

Due to persecution a great part of the Christians in Mosul were forced to flee from their homes. About 120,000 people, including entire families, spent the whole night walking, looking for refuge. They have lost everything, but despite numerous hardships, they have the courage to live their faith. It is a faith that knows no fear. For them dying isn't a problem; they have no fear of death. What they want is to live today courageously and fearlessly.

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Dr. Scott Hahn- Abba or Allah: The Difference It Makes

Dr. Scott Hahn, in this talk given at the Franciscan University of Steubenville's 2011 Defending the Faith Conference, explains the different understanding of God in Islam (as Allah, Master) and in Christianity (as Abba, Father) and their consequences for life, religion, and interreligious encounters.

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