Wake up! is the cry that our persecuted brothers and sisters from the East, especially from Syria and Iraq, make to the West.

We want to do our part to wake up society through the social networks. Society needs to open its eyes to a new and shocking witness of faith. Don’t remain silent before the suffering of our brothers and sisters, and show that you too are a “Nazarene.”


Be A Voice  
 for the  
Persecuted   Christians  



The Project is as easy as 3 steps

1) Educate society about the reality of Christian
that is taking place, especially in
the Middle East.

 2) Produce videos and design graphics that show the
 of the persecution that our Christian brothers
and sisters are 
living. And share them through the
social networks.

3) Provide resources for parishes and youth groups to
host a
 Wakeنp Night and Holy Hours for the Persecuted Christians.

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We want to use the mass media and social networks as our launch pad to get the message out.

Our suffering brothers and sisters are being persecuted for their faith.

We have to ask ourselves what are we going to do to help?

The possibilities of making the message reach thousands are endless.

About us

logo The Foundation E.U.K. Mamie is a non-profit organization, fruit of the Home of the Mother's desire to collaborate in the New Evangelization. Its aim is to contribute to the human formation in the society, especially in culutral, social and religious aspects.

How can I help?

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, up until now we have been able to continue our evangelization through the media. The needs, however, are growing and many times there are unexpected expenses due to maintenance, the purchasing of new machines, etc.

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