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HM Television presents "A Deep-Rooted Faith", a series that goes into depth about the origen of the Christian faith in different parts of the world. Thanks to the courageousness of the first apostles, Christianity has been spread throughout the world since its beginning. It’s a treasure that has been kept safe and been passed on and conserved over the centuries. In many countries the faith has suffered persecution and its martyrs have become the seed of new Christians. We cannot forget this inheritance that has been given to us and treasured, nor can we forget the roots that form a great part of many cultures and societies of today that without Christianity would be very different.

Ireland: A Deep-Rooted Faith

"Ireland: A Deep-Rooted Faith" is an HM Television production in which Fr. Luke DeMasi, SHM, currently a missionary in Ireland, speaks about the roots of the Catholic faith in Ireland. The faith first came through St. Patrick who - after having lived in Ireland as a slave and regaining his freedom - felt an inner call to return there. St. Patrick lit the fire of Faith on the island, forging and forming godly men who would later leave Ireland to evangelize Europe. The faith was maintained in spite of the various threats it received from Henry VIII's separation from the Catholic Church, the subsequent entry of Protestantism and the persecution by the English crown, which took possession of Ireland's territories and goods. The rosary and the Mass is what gave the Irish people strength to remain faithful in the midst of many tribulations.

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