"Praying with Mary" features individuals from a wide range of ages and backgrounds who explain who Mary is for them, what the Rosary means to them in their spiritual life, why they pray it, whether or not they find it boring
and repetitive, when they pray it... Let these words of lawyers, teachers, homemakers, judges, social workers, carpenters, engineers, students, and others offer you the chance to get to know and love Our Heavenly Mother

Hannah Riffe

Hannah Riffe is a young NET missionary. In this episode of Praying with Mary she tells us how she is working on her relationship with Our Lady but already sees how important Our Blessed Mother's love is in her life. Hannah shares two things that help her pray the Rosary: praying with others and praying for her heart's intentions.

Lilly Pirrung

OIn this episode of Praying with Mary, Lilly Pirrung shares her struggles in her relationship with Our Lady. However, she feels drawn towards her and recognizes in her a source of true joy. Her favorite mystery is the Crowning of Thorns because she sees herself in it. When she meditates on this mystery, she sees herself as one of the soldiers who places the crown on Jesus´ head. It also strikes her how humbly He accepts the crown.

Nicola Griffin

Our Lady’s unconditional love is what most impresses Nicola Griffin about Our Blessed Mother. For her the Rosary is a weapon for battle and a way to draw closer to Mary and Jesus through the meditations on the mysteries.

Marianita Montgomery

When Marianita—or Mottie for friends—was little, praying the Rosary was just part of the family routine which seemed tedious and meaningless. However, seeing the example of other young people, she began to cultivate a personal relationship with Mary. Now it is a source of strength that helps her remain faithful in the little, everyday things like getting up early and giving a smile. For her, praying the Rosary is walking with Mary through the mysteries of Jesus’ life.

Mary Blackman

Mary Blackman had an idea of who the Blessed Virgin Mary is in her mind that didn’t coincide with who She really is. That idea changed over time as she began to grow closer to Christ and, through Him, learn the truth about Mary and the Church. The example of seeing how powerful the prayer of the Rosary was in the life of others moved her to pray it more and discover in it not just a repetition of words, but a contemplation on the life and mysteries of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Br. Damien Novak

Br. Damien Novak is a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal. He began to pray the Rosary thanks to the road trips he went on with his youth group. Later on, in seminary it went from a communal prayer to a personal prayer after having done the Total Consecration to Mary. He insists that the Rosary is what keeps the faith alive today. For him, praying it first thing every morning is like placing himself beneath Our Lady’s mantle and beneath her loving protection.


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