"Praying with Mary" features individuals from a wide range of ages and backgrounds who explain who Mary is for them, what the Rosary means to them in their spiritual life, why they pray it, whether or not they find it boring
and repetitive, when they pray it... Let these words of lawyers, teachers, homemakers, judges, social workers, carpenters, engineers, students, and others offer you the chance to get to know and love Our Heavenly Mother

Michelle Kelly

In this episode of Praying with Mary, Michelle Kelly, from Ireland, shares about her close relationship with Our Lady. Having grown up in a Catholic family, the figure of Mary was always present in her life, but it was little by little that she began to take the faith personally. Her relationship with Our Lady has also transformed from a simple participation in prayers and the Rosary to the trust and confidence that springs forth from a personal relationship. What used to cost her effort—something that seemed boring as a child—is now a practice that she can't abandon.

Samuel Pitcaithly

Samuel, a NET Missionary dedicated to the evangelization of university students, speaks of the importance that Our Blessed Mother has had in his life since his childhood. He practices this devotion by praying the rosary daily and shares how it has become for him more than just words, but rather a truly contemplative prayer. For Samuel, the rosary places him in the very heart of our salvation, the life of Jesus, by the hands of His Blessed Mother.

Praying with Mary: Mike Devault

In this Praying with Mary, Mike Devault, a freelance contractor, husband and father, shares his experience of Our Lady since his return to the faith. The joy of rediscovering Our Blessed Mother he expresses with a simple “She’s everywhere.” Our Lady's constant presence and the faithful perseverance of praying the rosary were key aspects in Mike's conversion.

Fr. Francis Ferry

Fr. Francis Ferry, a diocesan Irish Priest, speaks about his relationship with Our Lady. Since his childhood, he had the habit of praying devotedly the rosary, but as the years passed by, he left this practice until an opportune pilgrimage brought him back to “the Blessed Mother,” as he affectionately calls Our Lady. She’s our mother, and through fidelity to her and fidelity to praying the rosary, we have the surest path to the Heart of Jesus.

Praying with Mary: Wendy Nelms

Wendy Nelms knows that through the Rosary you not only grow closer to Our Blessed Mother; you ask Her to intercede for you before Jesus, too. What most impresses Wendy is the strength that the Rosary has to keep her family united.

Praying with Mary: John Harrison

For a young student like John Harrison, praying the Rosary is not always easy. John insists that it is, however, undoubtedly one of the best ways for him to grow closer to Mary. John started praying the Rosary when he was only six years old. At first, he did not understand what he prayed. Now, as he grows older, he is delving deeper into the significance of this prayer.


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