“I prefer paradise” has been the cry of the Saints from the very beginning. In reality, it is the deepest yearning of every human heart. Who wouldn’t want to be happier than their wildest dreams for all eternity? This program has been inspired by young people who find themselves immersed in a society that doesn’t make it easy to live their faith. But face to face with the empty promises offered by the world, these young people are determined to stand firm in their decision: “I prefer paradise” over everything else. In this programs they will touch on different topics that help them on their journey towards Heaven.

I Prefer Paradise: Prayer and Silence

Welcome back to another episode of “I Prefer Paradise!” Saint Teresa of Avila is known for saying that, “prayer means taking time frequently to be alone with Him who we know loves us.” But what is prayer like and is it really that important? Isn’t it something a bit old fashioned? In this episode on “Prayer and Silence,” a few young girls from Ireland are going to share with us about when they first started to pray, what they’ve learned through prayer and how you can start your own prayer life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to go one step deeper in your relationship with God. After all, how can we expect to grow closer to God if we don’t spend time with Him?

I Prefer Paradise: Being a Saint

In this new episode of “I Prefer Paradise,” we are going to see what these young people have to say about being a saint. Join us as they share their responses to questions like, “What comes to your mind when you think of a saint?”, or “Is it really worth the effort?” These Irish youth share their experience about when they first realized that they were called to holiness and what they did to start to try to answer God’s invitation to do His will.

I Prefer Paradise: Advent and Christmas

Join us in this first episode of “I Prefer Paradise.” Today we are exploring what these young people think about Advent and Christmas. They’ve also taken their questions to the streets to see what average people are looking forward to in this time of year. Fr. Peter Cullen, parish priest of St. Mary’s in Cahir, Diocese of Waterford in Ireland, also shares about what is so special about Christmas time and how to get ready.

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