How Can I Help?

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we have been able to continue moving forward.  However, normal needs and unexpected expenses, like repairs, the purchase of new equipment, etc., frequently arise.  We want to do all that we can to continue communicating the Gospel under the motto: “Yesterday, today, and always the Truth”, because we experience the urgency of the New Evangelization.


You also can help us. How? 

1 - Becoming a member of the support club, committing yourself to help with your prayers and/or economically,  pledging a monthly donation (no gift is too small).


2 - Giving a donation.

Monthly Donation

Concrete Donation

Sending a check to:

Home of the Mother, Inc. 
P.O.Box 1134,
Worthington, OH 43085

By a bank transfer to this account:
FUNDACIÓN E.U.K. MAMIE- H.M. TELEVISIÓN, 2048 2063 31 3400011557, de Liberbank (Avda. Luis de la Concha s/n. 39470 Renedo de Piélagos- Cantabria). If you make the transfer from outside of Spain, add the swift code: CECA ES MM 048 / IBAN: ES84 2048 2063 3134 0001 1557.
Important: Specify clearly the name and the adress of the benefactor, in doing the transfer.

3 - Glancing over our website to keep informed as to what products are available and thus, offer them to other people.


4 - Purchasing what you think could be edifying and useful for yourself, your family, your apostolate, or simply to share with others.


5 - Spreading the word among your friends, family, colleagues, priests, catechists, pastoral ministers, religion teachers, etc.

6 - Sending the E.U.K. Mamie Foundation newsletter to your contacts.


7 - Sending links to trailers, TV programs available on internet, or other products to all your contacts every so often, encouraging them to take a look at them, purchase them, give them as a gift, and/or spread word of their existence.

8 - When you have to purchase a gift for someone, think of giving them one of our products.

9 - Encouraging others to join our Support Club (See number 1).


10 - Sending suggestions, initiatives, contacts of interest, etc. to our e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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How can I help?

Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, up until now we have been able to continue our evangelization through the media. The needs, however, are growing and many times there are unexpected expenses due to maintenance, the purchasing of new machines, etc.

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