Turn around

“Turn Around” is a series of short testimonies by HM Television in which young people tell us about a turning point in their life. Through an experience or another person, these young people turned back to God or began to understand Him in a new way. And that's what they tell here.

Luke Padgett - Part 2

In his junior year in high school, Luke had an accident which could have cost him his life. When he returned to school, while he struggled with peer pressure, his friendships took a negative turn. Wondering what to do with his life, he met NET Ministries and saw that maybe God wanted him to help others with his words and his experience. Looking at the possible places to go, Luke was attracted by Ireland, thinking that he could help give the faith back to a country that is struggling to keep it.

Turn Around: Luke Padgett - part 1

Like a lot of youth who grow up in a Catholic household, Luke went with the flow and was complacent with just going to Church and being good. It was the bare minimum; he hadn’t really begun to run the race of faith yet. He realized this in a profound way when he went on a retreat. The retreat’s name was “Unfinished.” During the retreat he couldn’t get the word unfinished out of his head. While praying before the Blessed Sacrament, that one word changed into several: “You are unfinished my son… continue.” It was the "ready, set, go!" for the race he is now running, desiring to hear the words, “Well done, my true and beloved son.” In part two of his testimony, he will speak about how he continues to grow close to God and how he wanted to wake up and share his faith with others.

Claire Guernsey

Claire Guernsey desired to love and be loved. She often searched not in God but elsewhere. After breaking off a relationship, because it wasn’t one of true love, the Lord granted her the grace to come to know His love. One day looking at a crucifix she found Jesus’ love and experienced that He loves us for who we are and that his love is faithful.

Shaun Hickland

It wasn’t until Shaun Hickland reached university that he began to seriously question himself about the Faith, desiring to know more. This began when a friend invited him to the group “Student Life.” Thanks to this, he started on a path of true relationship with God that led him to get involved in the Catholic chaplaincy, making him realize that two things would help him be strong and persevere in the Faith: adoration and fellowship.

Hannah Riffe

Hannah Riffe felt like she was good catholic but when she reached college she put almost everything having to do with the faith to the side. Her focal point became balancing a very high study level with a part-time job. When she went from being a straight A student to getting D's and F's, everything crashed. She was invited by a friend to go to Mass and there she realized, “I think what I need is God.” It was a turning point. She came to see that her identity was not in being great student but in being a child of God, and that put a whole new perspective on life.

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