Turn around

“Turn Around” is a series of short testimonies by HM Television in which young people tell us about a turning point in their life. Through an experience or another person, these young people turned back to God or began to understand Him in a new way. And that's what they tell here.

Dominic Taaffe

Dominic Taaffe was always fascinated with nature and the outdoors, which is what God used to turn around his life. As a child and teenager he went along with his parents' Catholic faith, but he hadn’t really taken it on as his own. After Confirmation, Dominic began to discover God’s presence, but the true turning point was at a Catholic scout camp in France. The combination of hard outdoor trials and a sacramental life made Dominic begin to see the hand of God in all things.

Caitlin Green

Even though Caitlin Green didn’t grow up in a practicing family there was always something about the Faith that attracted her. During a pilgrimage to Lourdes, she was surprised and encouraged to see people on fire for the Catholic Faith. After coming home from Lourdes, she sometimes found it hard to persevere in the faith but she did so because she believed that God was with her. Providentially, she found out about Holy Family Mission and although at first she wasn’t interested, the Lord gave her the grace to decide to sign up, which lead to the year that would change her heart and make her decide to follow Christ.

Kolbe Grant

For Kolbe the faith seemed boring and meaningless until around the age of 15 he began to go to a youth group and from there was invited to a faith conference. On the second night of the weekend, there was adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The priest went through the crowd, blessing each person individually. Jesus stopped in front of Kolbe and that moment turned into a changing point in his life.

Gemma Nootebos

For Gemma growing up, her faith was more a label than a lifestyle. Over time she struggled with understanding God’s personal love for her feeling herself unworthy of that love. After a personal experience of Jesus’ love in the Blessed Sacrament, things changed not only in her faith but also in her life in general, turning her into a more joyful and peaceful person, thanks to the faith in God and in His love for her.

Brendan Coyle

Growing up, the faith wasn’t something that Brendan Coyle saw as his own but rather something imposed on him by his parents. When his group of friends in high school was reduced, he began to question the meaning of life. At graduation, with no outlook on life and in an attempt to please his parents, Brendan decided to do a mission year. His plans to go far away to the USA or Australia were thwarted by COVID-19, and the only choice left was Ireland. It was during the preparation retreat where on the beach the Lord spoke to him through His Word and he went from wanting to pack his bag to accepting the mission and discovering that he was made to possess eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.

Annika McCormick

Growing up, Annika tried to fill her heart with everything she did and had: sports, music, art, friends. But, reaching a point where nothing filled her, and although trying to distract herself from that feeling of emptiness, she found that it just didn’t go away. A turning point was when Annika began to take her Catholic faith seriously by receiving the sacraments and dedicating time to God everyday. It was then that she realized that by opening her heart to the Lord, she was being filled with true joy.

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