In "Front Page," the HM Television edition team puts together thought-provoking reflections, convincing arguments, and first-hand experiences from our various programs. Just like the front page of the newspaper, "Front Page" offers you short clips of our interviews to keep you up on the most important subjects presented by HM Television guests.

Front Page: Love Can Do All Things

Africa Madrid explains how the Holy Spirit is the One who helps us give answers to matters that are hard even for us to understand. She also speaks to us about Mary, who is an example of a Mother, the Cross as a way to trust,  how turning the other cheek works, and how love can do all things.

Front Page: Mission, Hope and God's Love

How did an American youth, with a call to the priesthood, end up in Ireland on mission? Fr. Shane Sullivan shares his story and his call to identification with Christ, to proclaim the Gospel and to give what he has received to others.

Front Page: I Am Not Ashamed of the Cross

Iván de Vargas gives us a quick look at the reasons behind religious persecution in different parts of the world. As a journalist, he has been in contact with many persecuted Christians and has discovered that they are not ashamed of the cross, no matter what happens; they give witness to cross to the very end, even if they have to give their own life.

Front Page: They Believe in the Cross

Archbishop Raphael F. Minassian, Armenian Catholic bishop of Yerevan (Armenia), speaks about how the Armenian Catholics are known as those who believe in the Cross. They have suffered, and have suffered unjustly, yet they know how to forgive and they do so.

Front Page: Turning Back to God

Archbishop Arthur Roche, Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of Sacraments, speaks to us about God's mercy and call to conversion. We have been wounded by sin and it is the Lord who comes to heal us and bring us salvation.

Front Page: What Gives Us Strength

For Fr. Shane Sullivan, a diocesan Priest from Ireland, the strength to carry out his ministry is found in the Eucharist, where he discovers the mystery of God's presence among us. Being surrounded by other priests who are faithful to what God asks of them is also a source of strength and encouragement for him, as well as the reading of the Sacred Scriptures and fostering a filial relationship with Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother.


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