H.M. Catechesis

H.M. Catechesis

The Home of the Mother presents you this new series of catechisms aimed at helping you with children’s religious formation. The explanations found in these booklets are meant to be a guide for you, and the worksheets related to each topic are intended for the children. The simple explanation of each topic will be a support and reinforcement for you, who day after day are in contact with children, wishing that they may learn and mature in their Christian life. We hope that this H.M. Catechism may be an enjoyable and, at the same time, valuable tool of evangelization for the transmission of Catholic doctrine.

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Here you can take a look at some of the worksheets and explanations.

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H.M. Catechesis 1

Catechesis HM 1

 8 worksheets and
8 explanations

The Creation
Adam and Eve
God is my Father
Jesus our Savior
Immaculate Conception

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H.M. Catechesis 2

Catechesis HM 2

9 worksheets and
9 explanations

The Commandments of the Law of God
1st Commandment
2nd Commandment
3rd Commandment
4th Commandment
5th Commandment
6th and 9th Commandments
7th and 10th Commandments
8th Commandment


H.M. Catechesis 3

Catechesis HM 3

 7 worksheets and
7 explanations

The Church
The Commandments of the Church
Coloring Page
Commandments of the Church (1st and 2nd)
Commandments of the Church (3rd)
Commandments of the Church (4th and 5th)


H.M. Catechesis 4

Catechesis HM 4

 9 worksheets and
9 explanations

Works of Mercy
Spiritual Works of Mercy 1, 2, 3
Spiritual Works of Mercy 4, 5
Color and Learn
Spiritual Works of Mercy 6, 7
 Corporal Works of Mercy 1, 2, 3
 Corporal Works of Mercy 4, 5
  Corporal Works of Mercy 6, 7


H.M. Catechesis 8

Catequesis HM 8

 6 worksheets and
6 explanations

I Believe in the Holy Spirit:
Pentecost I
Pentecost II
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit I
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit II
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit III
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit IV


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