Cast out your nets: Br. Brian Jackson, SHM

"Imagine a fully devoted life." That's the frase that impelled Br. Brian Jackson to change his life and awakened in him the desire to devote his life completely to God. Beforehand Br. Brian had been tempted to leave the Catholic Church and become Protestant. Once this temptation was rejected, his love for Jesus made him want to proclaim Jesus' love to everyone. He tells us about his first apostolic activities and how he met the Servant Brothers and become part of them. He also tells us about how they evangelize through the mass media and their new initiative called Catholic Stuff.

Cast Out Your Nets: Teresa Von Teichman

In this new episode of Cast Out Your Nets, H.M. Television offers you an interview with Teresa Von Teichman. Teresa tells us about her apostolate working with NET Ministries (New evangelization team) in Canada and about how giving testimony of the faith has helped her to grow in the faith. God changed her life completely and she feels that she can't keep the faith to herself, she has to share it.

Cast Out Your Nets: Philip Gilbert

Philip Gilbert is a university student at Christendom College in the United States. During his semester on their Rome campus, he shared with H.M. Television in the program Cast out your Nets his own testimony of apostolate. Philip belongs to one of the Eastern rites within the Catholic Church. In today's program he explains how he does apostolate simply by explaining to others what the Eastern rites are, and in doing so bringing about Church unity.

Cast Out Your Nets: John Waters

In this new episode of Cast Out Your Nets, H.M. Television interviews John Waters, a seminarian of the Archdiocese of Birmingham, UK. After finding that nothing could satisfy him in life, he realized that the Lord was called him to the priesthood. Why talk about Christ? "Because He told us to" is the answer that John gives to us. Joy isn't joy unless you have someone to share it with.

Cast Out Your Nets: Elizabeth Tkachuk

Today H.M. Television offers you another episode of Cast Out Your Nets. We interviewed Elizabeth Tkachuk, from Canada, and she told us all about her apostolate as a missionary with NET ministries. She shares her testimony of how simply bearing witness to what Jesus Christ has done in her own life is a way of evangelizing and bringing others to the faith. She also speaks to us about her relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary and how she's helped other girls grow closer to her.

Cast Out Your Nets: Emmarlone Ravago

Emmarlone Ravago is from the Philippines and is currently studying as a seminarian in the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. Today in 'Cast Out Your Nets' he shares with us his own thoughts on the New Evangelization, as well as sharing with us why he decided to become a priest and how the call to the priesthood came about.


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