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Yoga: The Great Deception

Rosa Maria Ramírez, former reiki master and chiromassage practitioner, Juan Sánchez Requena, former reiki master and naturopathy practitioner, and Mairead Bernal tell us first-hand what yoga really is. Yoga is a kind of spirituality where each posture, mantra, and namaste is an invocation and act of adoration to the devil. The deception is subtle since yoga is usually presented simply as a physical exercise.


“Behold your Mother” - Priests and Mary

Priests in Ireland share about their relationship with the Virgin Mary and how they took Christ seriously when, from the cross, He said, “Behold your mother.”

Priests that share their testimony: Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan, Fr. Sean Crowley, Fr. Eamonn Roche, Fr. Dominic Feehan SHM, Fr. Patrick Cahill and Fr. Kevin Deakin SHM

Mary’s Victory: Battles won by the Rosary

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, we present “Mary’s Victory: Battles won by the Rosary,” a short clip that recalls historical battles won through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother and the Rosary. These victories were seen in Lepanto, La Rochelle, Vienna, the Philippines, Hiroshima, Brazil, etc. Through this, HM Television wants to raise a fervent prayer, full of trust in the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Rosary. We know that Mary Herself, who gave us the victory in the past, will obtain it for us against the power of darkness at present. Today, like yesterday, under Mary’s leadership, the Church will resist the power of hell against her and her children by praying the Holy Rosary with our gaze fixed on Heaven. Be part of Mary’s victories with HM Television.

Begin… and Continue - A Fight for Life

Now more than ever we see the need to defend, protect, and respect all human life from its conception to its natural death. Many new initiatives have arisen with this goal in mind. Each has its beginning, a first yes to an inspiration or an impulse to do something, at least begin. In the brief video “Begin… and Continue - A Fight for Life,” HM Television shares the testimony of David Bereit, founder of 40 Days for Life, his first steps in the defense of life and what has meant for his life of faith. David Bereit’s testimony calls us to get involved in the fight for life and encourages us to do so through prayer and perseverance.

My First Mass -A Poem by Bishop Guerra Campos

"My First Mass" is a short clip produced by HM Television of a poem by Bishop José Guerra Campos. In inspired words, the Spanish prelate describes the greatness of the Eucharist and the priesthood, and the union between priests and the Priest: Jesus Christ. José Guerra Campos was a bishop, theologian and philosopher. Ordained bishop on July 26, 1964, at only 44 years of age, he was first auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Madrid-Alcalá and later bishop of the Diocese of Cuenca from 1973 to 1996. Like all priests, the center of his life was the Eucharist.

The Passion of Saint Joan of Arc - Trailer

HM Television presents the trailer of The Passion of Saint Joan of Arc, a documentary to be released on the centennial of the canonization of the Maid of Orleans (May 16, 1920). This brave young woman with a unique mission reminds us just how important it is that Jesus Christ be the King of our nation, of the entire world, and of our hearts. She carried out her mission in absolute fidelity and confidence in God’s will, revealed to her by her “voices”. Hers is not a life of mere heroism, but rather a model of holiness, of complete surrender to God’s will to the point of sacrificing her own life at only 19 years of age.

The Passion of Saint Joan of Arc is presented by Javier Paredes, Professor of Modern History. The documentary also features contributions from: His Excellency Marc Aillet, Bishop of Bayonne (France); Sr. Marie de la Sagesse, author of “Santa Juana de Arco. Virgen, Reina, Mártir”; Alain Olivier, President of the Our Lady of Bermont Association (France); Philippe de Villiers, Founder of “Puy du Fou” Theme Park; Margarita Torres, Professor of Medieval History; Fr. Jacques Olivier, Author of Prophéties et prédictions de Jeanne d’Arc; Jorge Fernández, Former Internal Affairs Minister (Spain); Jacques Tremolet de Villers, Lawyer and author of Jeanna D’Arc: le procès de Rouen.

Set Aside for Mary

“This is your dowry, O Pious Virgin Mary!” History shows us that when a nation comes together to pray, society is transformed. The Catholic Church in England will renew it’s consecration to God’s will through Mary on March 29th 2020 throughout the whole country. For this reason HM Television has produced this short clip that includes part of the prayer that will be prayed on March 29th when England's rededication to Our Lady will take place.

My First Abandoned Tabernacle

Jesus’ gaze from the tabernacle struck St. Manuel González so much that he could never forget it. In this short video, HM Television, with footage recorded by Siervos HM Films, gathers the experience that changed Manuel González into the Bishop of the Abandoned Tabernacle and reveals what was in the heart of this saint. Indeed, from that moment Fr. Manuel dedicated his whole life to caring for Jesus Christ’s needs in his “Tabernacle life” and do everything possible to defend Him from abandonment.

For all Priests- Prayer by St. Thérèse of Lisieux

The Church asks us to pray continually for her priests. If all the faithful need prayers, priests do all the more! With this intention, EUK Mamie Foundation-HM Television has made a video of a prayer by St. Thérèse of Lisieux. From the hidden silence of her Carmelite monastery, she offered her life for priests and their ministry. Join the prayer for our pastors. These men, after receiving the Lord’s call to follow Him, introduce us to the Christian life, nourish us with the Body of Christ and prepare us for Eternal Life.

Young People, What Are You Afraid Of?

Benedict XVI encourages youth to find, through the Faith, the answer to those questions that arise constantly in their daily life and which are at times avoided out of fear.

Mary, Mother of Priests

In this clip, H.M. Television invites you to pray to Mary, Mother of the one and eternal Priest, for her priestly children. Just as she accompanied her Son during his mission to the foot of the Cross, so she too accompanies all of her priestly children, from the moment of their calling to the consummation of their lives in imitation of Jesus Christ.

I Seek Love

"I Seek Love" prepares our heart to celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy every day of our lives. This clip was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Fr. Riccardo Bollatti, Professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, Italy, who shares with us his own experience of God's Mercy, which has marked him ever since the beginning of his call to the priesthood.

My Beloved Sons - Mary and Priests

"My Beloved Sons - Mary and Priests," is a short video in which several priests, based on their own experience, closeness to and admiration for Mary, try to describe the most special maternal relationship that the Virgin Mary has with priests, her Beloved Sons.

Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory

"Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory" is meant to help us take to heart an important lesson: every one of our words, actions, and omissions have eternal consequences. No one can enter into Heaven without having first been perfectly purified. Praying for the souls in Purgatory is a work of mercy. Let's spread this prayer. One day, we may need them to pray for us.

Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory

Very dear spouses of the Lord,

enclosed in the prison of Purgatory,

you who suffer unspeakable pains
while in want of God's presence
 until purified,
like gold in the crucible,
 of the remains of your faults.

How rightfully do you cry out
to your friends 
from those voracious
flames, begging for mercy!
I sympathize with your pain
would like to supply enough [merits]

to satisfy for you before the Divine Justice.

Yet, being poorer than you,

I appeal to the piety of the just,

the prayers of the blessed,

the unfathomable treasure of the Church,

the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

and the infinite price of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Grant, oh Lord, these poor souls

their longed for consolation and rest.
I also trust, grateful souls,

that I will have powerful intercessors in you,

who will obtain from the Lord [for me]

grace to detest my sins,

advance in virtue,
 subdue my passions,

and reach the eternal beatitude

for all eternity. Amen.

Jesus is There!

The Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian life, yet we often abandon Christ in the Eucharist and do not value Him as we should. With this short video, we can renew our Eucharistic fervor and rediscover the greatness of this gift God gives us.

Prayer for the sanctification of priests

In the Prayer for Priests, composed by St. Therese of Lisieux, we give thanks to God for the gift of the priesthood, and to our priests for their surrender to the Church and to Jesus Christ. We pray for our priests, the sanctification of their souls and for their progress in a total surrender to Christ's love.

Break Our Chains

The souls in purgatory cry out to the Church Militant: "Break Our Chains." H.M. Television transports you into the reality of the hereafter, into the intermediate stage where so many souls are still purifying that which did not allow their immediate entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. Live the Communion of Saints becoming aware of that fact that “no one is saved alone,” as Pope Benedict XVI said in his encyclical letter Spe Salvi. Pray and offer sacrifices for the Church Suffering.


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