“From the Darkness to the Light” is the experience in many lives transformed by God’s intervention, causing them to begin “Changing Tracks.” Although they come from different backgrounds and their conversions have taken place among differing circumstances, they all give thanks to Jesus Christ for having come to find them. They thank Him for having given meaning to their lives, for curing their deep wounds, for giving them happiness and for filling them with love. Come on board this train and let yourself be guided by their stories so that you can also begin “Changing Tracks.”

Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly was diagnosed with depression as a teenager and began taking medication to control his emotional state. Joe tried to commit suicide three times without success. He started to work in order to earn money to travel and find meaning in life. One day while on his way home from work with his friends, he fainted in the middle of the street. From then on, everything changed for him. Discover his whole story in "Changing Tracks”.

Jeremy Rizer

Jeremy Rizer was born into a Lutheran family but only practiced in order to please his mother. He started to drink after his parents separated. Driven by the culture that surrounded him, Jeremy found that drinking helped him talk with girls. Shortly afterwards he entered the world of drugs, where he remained for fifteen years. Through his mother and his sister, Jeremy found out about the Cenaculo community. After several failed detox programs, finally God brought him out of the world of darkness into the light.

Grace Boland

Grace Boland, from Ireland, grew up in a Catholic family. Her parents were practicing catholics but Grace stopped going to Sunday Mass when she turned 18. Already at 16 she began a life of nightclubs, drinking and impurity, and later fell in love with a Muslim. Her family moved to Australia when she was 20 and, to renew her visa, Grace had to leave the country. The cheapest flight out of Australia? To Japan. A visit to Akita would change her life forever.

Br. Damien J. Novak, C.F.R.

Br. Damien J. Novak grew up in an active Catholic family with parents who gave him great example. At a young age he had a personal experience of the love that Jesus had for him, however, a bad influence caused him to turn away from God. From that moment on, Damien was at a crossroads between two worlds: God or social esteem. Thanks to his father’s example and a vocational weekend, everything began to change. Find out more in this edition of “Changing Tracks.”

Rebecca Kiessling

Rebecca Kiessling is a US lawyer and founder of Save the 1, a pro-life organization that helps women who have conceived a child as a result of rape. Kiessling was 18 when she discovered that she was conceived when her birth mother was kidnapped at knifepoint and raped. Rebecca was adopted by a non-practicing Jewish family who abused her to the point that her adoptive father broke her nose. It wasn’t until she was invited to Mass and heard about the Catholic faith, that she could finally found her life on Christ, the Rock.

Changing Tracks: Nicola Griffin

Nicola Griffin, from Limerick, Ireland, grew up amidst gunfire, drugs, alcohol, death and vengeance. But everything began to change when a community of Franciscans came to her area, Moyross. Nicola saw one of the friars beaten up because he saved a woman that he didn’t even know. When she asked him why he did it, he responded that that was what Jesus had done for each one of us. This was only the beginning of her amazing journey of getting to know and love the Lord.


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