Bishop Kevin Doran

Bishop Kevin Doran is bishop of the diocese of Elphin, Ireland. In this series he speaks to us about God's call, the need for prayer in the life of a priest, and the priestly ministry in the Sacraments. God is good, and His will enriches us. Bishop Doran invites us to focus not so much on our own desires, but on what God wants of us.

The Priesthood: The Sacred Value of Life

Bishop Kevin Doran speaks about the priest’s place in the Anointing of the Sick and the administration of the Last Sacraments. He also affirms that a priest is called to defend the dignity of all human life.

The Priesthood: Reconciled to Him

Bishop Kevin Doran speaks about our need to receive the Sacrament of Confession in order to ask for God’s forgiveness and to hear that our sins have been forgiven through the priest.

The Priesthood: The Need for Prayer

Bishop Kevin Doran speaks about the danger of getting caught up in so much activity that the priest forgets his principle mission, that of belonging to Jesus Christ. He also speaks about his devotion to the Rosary as a way of going back to what is essential.

The Priesthood: Whom Shall I Send?

Bishop Kevin Doran speaks about the priest’s mission of administrating the sacraments, and how we must pray for an increase in vocations and in the response to God's call.

The Priesthood: God Calls, We Respond

Bishop Kevin Doran speaks about the call to the Priesthood and how it comes first of all from God's love. It is not about discovering what we want, but what God wants for us. In that call, we find ourselves immersed the mystery of God's call and love for us.


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