"Praying with Mary" features individuals from a wide range of ages and backgrounds who explain who Mary is for them, what the Rosary means to them in their spiritual life, why they pray it, whether or not they find it boring
and repetitive, when they pray it... Let these words of lawyers, teachers, homemakers, judges, social workers, carpenters, engineers, students, and others offer you the chance to get to know and love Our Heavenly Mother

Praying with Mary: Fr. Hugh Gillespie

Fr. Hugh Gillespie is a member of the Missionaries of the Company of Mary. He explains that the Rosary is a solid anchor in his spiritual life. Meditating each mystery of the Rosary helps him to get to know Jesus and Mary better. Fr. Hugh encourages us to persevere in praying the Rosary frequently to overcome life’s struggles and contradictions.

Praying with Mary: Michelle López

Michelle López dedicates her time to youth ministry in her parish. For Michelle, the Virgin Mary’s motherly presence is a model of authentic femininity. Fixing her gaze on Our Lady, she learns to use her own gifts for God’s glory and to serve others. The Rosary was the instrument Our Blessed Mother used to heal Michelle’s soul.

Praying with Mary: Julia Dost

This week on «Praying with Mary», we interview a young, German woman named Julia Dost. She speaks about her relationship with her spiritual Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom she considers a huge blessing from God in her life. Through the Rosary, she contemplates Jesus' life through Mary's eyes, which helps her strengthen her prayer life.

Praying with Mary: Matthew Harrison

In "Praying with Mary" Matthew Harrison shares how praying together as a family has been an immense grace, especially for his children. Praying the Rosary has helped the kids' devotion to Our Blessed Mother grow and to be open to whatever vocation the Lord calls them to. Through the Rosary, Matthew receives strength to imitate Christ.

Praying with Mary: Richard Stonier

For Deacon Richard Stonier it was a surprise to discover the presence of the Virgin Mary in his life. Through his consecration to Her, in which the Rosary played an important part, Our Lady helped him to respond to God’s call.

Praying with Mary: Monica Martinez

When Monica Martinez entered the Catholic Church 13 years ago, she did not understand the devotion to the Rosary. Despite this fact, Our Blessed Mother began to manifest Herself in Monica's life. A year ago, Monica started to the pray the Rosary daily with her family. Now she knows how much she needs Our Lady, how much She has changed for her, and that the more she prays the Rosary, the more thirst she has for the Lord


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