"Praying with Mary" features individuals from a wide range of ages and backgrounds who explain who Mary is for them, what the Rosary means to them in their spiritual life, why they pray it, whether or not they find it boring
and repetitive, when they pray it... Let these words of lawyers, teachers, homemakers, judges, social workers, carpenters, engineers, students, and others offer you the chance to get to know and love Our Heavenly Mother

Praying with Mary: Cristi Shields

Cristi Shields, mother of a large family, is convinced that praying the rosary together every day has truly united her family. The close relationship she and her children have with Our Lady has also become a witness for other families.

Praying with Mary: Mary Alario

Mary Alario, a young woman from California, experienced great spiritual growth after she consecrated herself to Our Lady together with her entire family. Although praying the rosary had always been a family practice, she is now more aware of the intercession of Mary in her life. Praying the Rosary fills her with hope and peace.

Praying with Mary: Lily Arama

This week on "Praying with Mary" you can meet Lily Arama, a young woman from the United States, who has rediscovered Our Lady as her Mother. Now Lily experiences gratitude towards her, seeing that Mary has never left her and has kept her from falling into evil on many occasions. Praying the Rosary, understanding it, having intentions, offering it...have made Lily grow in discipline and love, making each Hail Mary into a different prayer.

Praying with Mary: April Patelli

Today on "Praying with Mary," we introduce you to April Patelli. She is a mother of a numerous family and takes Our Lady as her true model as a mother and woman. This prayer is a catechetical tool to teach her children about Jesus and to help the family spiritually grow. In her experience, she is convinced that perseverance in this prayer is a decision taken by our will.

Praying with Mary: Paige Mechling

In Praying with Mary, discover how this homeschooling mom, Paige Mechling, goes from Atheism to Catholicism. With open arms, she accepts the rosary, and the prayer becomes an important part of her own life and that of her family. She shares with us that they cannot go one day without praying the rosary together.

Praying with Mary: Richard Mauro

In this episode of "Praying with Mary," Richard Mauro tells us how he went from believing that the rosary was something heretical to becoming an apostle of the Rosary. He also shares with us how it was through the example of the Saints and by praying the rosary that he learned how to truly love.


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